Victoria Talks Influences and the New Collection

What is the story behind the new collection, Jaxon by Victoria Richter?

My husband and I created a collection that I feel celebrates synchronicity. In this case, there are two connections. Firstly, the pieces, and parts of the collection that appears, at first glance, to have little connection, and feel disjointed. But on a closer look, feel completely natural in its entirety.

Secondly, this collection is a blending of the incredible skillset of my factory. Everything is made under one roof - from the upholstery to the woodworking to the metal and acrylic.

Synchronicity two-ways!

Where are the woods, metals, and fabrics sourced?

Much like cooking, we try to source the best ingredients. We’re not “skin deep” either. We don’t skip on the details, or ingredients you don’t see. Our goal is to create superior, long-lasting furniture, both outside…and in. For instance, we’re fans of trillium, a recycled fill for our upholstery. It has the feel of feather and down, but won’t settle, and holds its shape.

How does Victoria approach color? What are her color inspirations?

There are no rules. Imagine a world without colors; that world would be such a boring place, wouldn’t it? From the power clash to monochromatic, all depends on the mood and the project. This collection has a bit of everything.

Do you work with local craftsmen? Tell me about the craftsmanship behind the pieces. Is everything handcrafted?

Everything is made in my factory by artisans that have worked with me for many years. The factory has built pieces for some of the finest hotels, retailers, designers, and residences in the world. Most importantly, every order is treated the same, no matter who you are, and with the same devotion to quality, and comfort. The fact that we have designed or been specified for such an amazing range projects is a validating testament to our company.

Is there something about your designs and the new collection that is important to point out to our shoppers?

All pieces are built to order in Los Angeles. There are companies that build beautiful looking pieces, for prices less than ours, but they don’t last. I want Jaxon to be thought of as long lasting, heirloom quality pieces. Comfort, and quality is an empiric detail that we take tremendous pride in.

What is Victoria inspired by/obsessed with right now?

I suppose lately I have been less focused on the intimate details of things but more so curious about the shapes and silhouettes of objects on a whole. The overall space it takes up and the way the piece flows and connects in its environment.