Jaxon Design Services

Interior Design, Home Staging and Custom Furniture by Jaxon

Led by Victoria Richter, Jaxon Design Services categorically offers the most unique upper end value driven solution in the design industry. Jaxon Design is a truly vertical company and possibly the only design firm to own the factories. As a result, the value proposition, exponential possibilities and speed are unprecedented. The single focus of the design team is to cater to the customers vision by guiding them through seemingly limitless options. Our 25,000 square foot showroom in West Los Angeles is a small sampling of our limitless fabrication abilities.

A go-to for interior designers and set decorators, Jaxon is an iconic stop for those looking to create beautiful and modern furniture spaces.

Jaxon Design Services will pair you and your project up with a Jaxon Design Consultant and we will walk you through a very personalized alternative to a traditional interior design service.

Our service is unique because we have direct access to the factory and our line is fully customizable. This means that we can pass along serious customization without the traditional markup that you may encounter with a designer that places their own markup on top of trade only services.

When ordering a sofa or any other custom piece, a number of details will need to be specified: arm style, leg style, size, cushion filling, upholstery, trim details, pillows, etc.

To the experienced designer these decisions are expected and can be made quickly and efficiently. For the novice these decisions are overwhelming and confusing. It may seem an easy task to order a custom piece of furniture but depending on the manufacturer, the ordering process may be more complicated than it appears. And changes made to an order are costly and time consuming.

Our retailer status also provides access to source tons of home goods and accessories to fully round out your home's decorating needs.

So, let us dig into your style with you. Here are few examples of the kind of work we can provide.