About Us

Choosing the right furniture for your home is an important decision, and considering the expense, one you are likely to live with for years to come, so don't settle. While we offer a diverse catalogue of furniture, sometimes one can't find exactly what they want. We want you to know that you can make a change beyond our standard styles at Jaxon Home. We can modify an existing piece or build it from scratch. Coming up with your own modification or design gives your home a unique feel that can't be copied by anyone else since your own taste and preference are what shaped your design, and will be yours and yours alone. Add nailhead trim. Add contrast piping or welts. Add a skirt to a sofa if there is no skirt. Remove the skirt if you don't want it. Change the feet. Make the arm higher or lower. Make the arm wider. Add length. Add seat depth. Increase the overall height. 

This is the core of who we are. While we offer a comprehensive catalogue of various collections of furniture, our ability to customize sets us apart.

We'll build exactly the custom piece you’ve got in mind, giving you the freedom of knowing that your design is in good hands. Whether you want to customize an existing piece or build it from scratch. Our staff are equipped to assist in all types of customization, from a dimensional change to a completely custom product design.

Furniture That’s Gorgeous, Handmade, and Yours

A go-to for interior designers and set decorators, Jaxon is an iconic stop for those looking to create beautiful and modern spaces. Founded in 2006 by Victoria Richter, mother of three and industry veteran with over 15 years of experience, Jaxon brings the bespoke feel of bench made, fair trade furniture to your home at a reasonable price. We value handmade over assembly line and quality over quantity, ensuring that each piece, whether it’s a custom mid-century sofa or reclaimed wood side table, is beautifully crafted and more importantly, made to last. We invite you to visit us at our brick and mortar Los Angeles showroom and discover what makes our furniture one-of-a-kind.