About Our Factory

Our motto: no middlemen, no problem. We work directly with our factory allowing us to pass along the savings to you. That means high-end designer furniture that's made in America, at a price you’ll love.

To Victoria and the rest of the Jaxon family, your satisfaction is our first priority. We want you to feel the same pride that we do when we design and produce each piece of furniture. To help realize your vision, we turn to skilled artisans and use only the finest materials. Our staff of local craftsmen produces smaller batches of product ensuring that the finished pieces meet our high standards – and yours! Not to mention, we’re serious about protecting the environment. That’s why we strive to use reclaimed woods, non-toxic stains, recycled upholstery fills, and made-in-California materials for cores, casings, and webbings whenever possible.

Here is a little bit more detail about the materials and processes that we employ. 

Our standard recommendation for the most durable and comfortable filling option is trillium. It is an eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic down alternative that will outlast its down counterpart yet will mimic its comfort and luxury. However, we stand behind all of our filling options and each are engineered specifically to ensure premium support and comfort.
We begin with a high density foam core which is wrapped with a feather locked ticking envelope filled with the fiber of your choice. 

Trillium -Trillium is hypoallergenic and this man-made product carries with it the benefits of natural down. It's buoyancy and durability will prove luxurious and resilient. 
Feather/Down - The feather option can't be beat in terms of luxury, and when overstuffed, you'll never find more comfort. We double wrap our block-channelled feather casings in order to prevent the feathers from escaping into your room - if you see it, no fear. It's all part of the process. Please note also, that a feather sofa often arrives puffy and exaggerated, but it will settle in time with wear and will soon be your favorite seat in the house. Generally, unless otherwise specified we use a 90% White Goose feather to 10% White Goose Down ratio for ultimate durability.

Hardwood Frames
Our frames are made of alder wood. We just kiln dried alder wood because of its high density. The kiln drying process pulls most of the moisture out of the wood, which keeps it from warping or twisting over time. Also, kiln dried woods won't suffer wood rot or smelly mildew issues - even when stored in humid climates.

Upholstery - We partner with some of the best upholstery suppliers in the nation and we hand-select the fabrics that we find are proven for durability and style. Not only have we hand-selected a catalog of around 300 of our fabric upholstery fabrics to work with, we have access to thousands more. We also are willing to explore your preferred material for a custom upholstery job. Just contact us to learn more about pricing.

Reclaimed & Recycled Wood - We also pride ourselves on sourcing materials from Southern California whenever possible, in order to promote a more environmentally responsible furniture product. Using reclaimed wood saves trees and allows more living forests to remain intact.

Artisan and Craftsmanship
We value our team of artisans and respect that with the volume of custom work we are producing, each member of the team is an artist and designer in their own right.

Made in LA and Sourced Close to Home